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Buying Baby Shoes: A Startup Guide

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As you may have noticed, newborn babies have no need for shoes, but when your little bundle of joys starts to crawl or walk, then it is the perfect time for you to start shopping for some. To help you start things up, here’s a list of the things for you to consider when buying your baby a pair of baby shoes.

The Kind Of Baby Shoe

There is a myriad of types and styles of baby shoes that are in the market such as baby pumps shoes. For when your baby starts crawling, you should opt for a soft baby bootie that will protect your child’s feet from the cold. When buying a bootie you should make sure that it is a comfortable fit and that it allows some wiggle room and permit easy movement of your child’s feet.

However, when your baby begins walking you should focus your attention on the shoe’s soles. You must make sure that the baby shoes have sturdy soles that are strong enough to carry the baby’s weight. The soles should be hard but also flexible enough that they can conform and mold around the baby’s feet.

Another area of concern is the heel. As the rule of thumb of shoes the heels should be just as important as the soles and that they are hugging the back portion of the feet properly to prevent blisters and loss of balance.

The material that is used in making the upper the shoe is of great importance as well. You should always opt for a shoe that is made out of materials such as canvas, thick cloth, or leather. You should not purchase baby shoes that are made from plastic and rubber for they do not allow the baby’s foot to breathe well and are too rigid.

What The Baby Should Be Wearing Where.

Is the baby going outdoors with you for a stroll or staying indoors? If the baby is going to be wearing their shoes outdoors, they should be well made and sturdy, made from leather or thicker cloth that will keep its shape and keep the baby’s feet protected, dry, and warm. For the best baby footwear, see MR Bulfer or visit


Baby shoes for indoor wear however, you should go for the ones that are the slipper type that are there to simply keep the baby’s feet wark.

End Notes

When buying baby shoes, there are some things that you should pay attention to. You should opt to go for buying baby shoes that features anti-slip soles to prevent your baby from accidents that might cause some injuries.Never purchase those high-fashion of trendy shoes that are actually not comfortable for the baby to walk around in. You can read more on this here: